Tuesday, August 07, 2012

State Fair 2012

So, I entered 8 items in the fair this year and 6 ribboned. Not too shabby. 3 2nd place items, and 3 honorable mentions.

I wasn't thrilled with the results, but it wasn't as much of a let-down as the past couple of years have been.

First, the honorable mentions.

Knitted lace, any article. This is the Adamas Shawl I knit as a shop sample. I was okay with how this was displayed. I know there's not a ton of room and at least this is showing the correct side.

Household item, other. My little monster. Again, happy with how this was displayed.

Infants afghan/blanket. The purple cabled blanket I made my niece. Not thrilled with how this was displayed, but it could be worse.

Now the second place items.

Child's sweater. The lacy tunic top I made for Lillian. For some reason the tag was removed, and placed at the top of this on the back side. So the wrong side is showing. I also hope that they were careful when the safety pin was moved. If this is snagged I'm going to be upset.

Adult sleeveless shell or vest. Very happy with how this was displayed. This was supposed to be for me but mom tried it on and it fits her really well. *Sigh* Guess I'll be making myself another one.

And the final ribbon is for Shawl or Scarf. I'm incredibly disappointed that my Thistle Shawl only took a second. It was beat by a lace shawl. I think my colorwork required more technical ability, but as my MIL said, it could have been really close. Maybe even down to a coin toss. Still, it's hard to accept second in this case. I worked so hard on it. Regardless, I'm thrilled with it and know I'll use the heck out of it this winter.

My colorful chevron hat didn't ribbon.

And Lillian's purple and white didn't ribbon either and I was kind of annoyed with how this was displayed. It was in the bottom of one of the stand-up cases so unless you were looking for it, you wouldn't see it. I'm not sure why it wasn't put in the case along the wall with all the other hats. It kind of felt like my knitting was just thrown on the ground. Which is irritating.

So those are my entries for this year. I'm still in shock that I managed to finish everything in time.

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